Peer Review Recap, Part 1

Actually having a group review my paper really worked for me. Normally, when you think of Peer Review it would only be one or two people. Having three made sure that I would be able to make my paper the best I could. The comments part didn’t work well for me because I couldn’t figure out right away how the comments would match up when they don’t fall into sync with the highlighted portion. I believe I  received the advice that was needed. Google docs was fine, it will just take me a while to get use to it.


Inventing a new writing technology

For my writing technology I used q-tips, nail clippers, and lotion. I used the q-tips to spell out hello. I cut the smaller q-tips with the nail clippers and used the lotion to stick the q-tips together. I never paid attention to what you can do with out a pen and pencil. It does make me think we depend on them more than we probably should.

“My Writing Technologies”

The main writing technology I do use is the keyboard on my computer. I use pencil and paper for song writing, and notecards and pens for letter writing. My writing over the years has shifted from solely writing letters to mostly being on the computer. Granted I do still write letters but only to people who I think truly deserve it or I think would appreciate it. I don’t avoid using writing tools but if we are referring to all known writing tools over time, I guess I have avoided the typewriter. My parents still own one from the 70s.

What is Style?

I believe style can be refered to in many different categories. For example, your writing style, your own style in reference to fashion, and or the style or genre of music you prefer. Style is initially what you bring to the table. Your style makes you unique. For example, some writers may like the style of Compare and Contrast which may not be unique, but the way they prove their argument is. Someone may have the same “fashion sense” as someone else but the way they wear the item is all their own.

Book, Books, Books

My favorite book from this past summer!

How important are books to us? In today’s world many of our past practices have faded away (i.e. buying books, writing letters, spending ample amounts of time in the library). Now I’m not assuming that no one does this anymore; I’m pointing out that as time goes on we seem to forget what used to matter. In our society, magazines are more popular now than a book. Of course we have Amazon’s “Kindle” and can read books online but has anyone thought of what is lost? From having a book published, to having a book signing, the interaction with the author you love is lost. Of course there are book signings today but few and far in between. As an avid reader, letter writer, I hope as time goes on what I grew up with isn’t lost.