Looking back at Strunk and White, they did have valid points, and useful information but it was mostly just are jumping off point. Williams expands on their ideas by providing detailed examples. He also explains why something we assumed would make sense, does not. I realize I was skeptical towards Williams at first but by explaining what to use in our writing  on our own level, giving suggestions or guidelines he lets us improve on our own writing at our own pace. I do recall that he mentions numerous times of saying “I can only give you tips…etc.” By saying that, he isn’t forcing his ways of writing down our throats, which makes the reader more adept to try to use different techniques. I believe the advice Williams provides us is more useful because of the details and examples provided. Williams breaks down the techniques of writing and explains each and every part. Strunk and White’s book is a more watered down version with a smaller amount of detail compared to Williams. While reading Williams’s book I realized the mistakes I have made in my writing and why I have gotten the results I have had. If I had to choose one chapter out of William’s book ,I would choose Chapter 6 “Coherence 2” it represented the issues I have had in the organization of my writing and why some readers don’t truly get my point half the time. 

Strunk and White might be more effective by the fact that it is more concise. If you have a quick question and you need to find the answer in a timely manner than you can.  Strunk and White is less effective if you don’t understand the information provided.

After reading both books, I do wonder. If Strunk and White was introduced in our high schools would we have been more prepared for college writing? I pose this question because of the example in Williams’ book from a law student on page 121. If we were better prepared would redundancy be less of an issue?

Overall, I do believe I will use both books in the future. I may be referencing from Williams’ book more.